2013 music compilation

I did a music compilation of 2013. I imagine you'll be wanting to ask the following questions.

1) Why's it start with a track from the Doctor Who soundtrack?
Because it was a lovely swooshy bit of incidental music, which became extra poignant at the point that Patrick Troughton's digitally created Doctor came running out of the mist and it always makes me emotional for that very reason.

2) Why's Miley Cyrus on this list? I hate you.
Well, because it's quite a good song. I listened to it before I saw the video too and liked it when I first heard it.

3) Why's <INSERT QUESTIONER'S FAVOURITE BAND> not on this list? I hate you.
Well, because it's my compilation, not yours. I'm perfectly willing to add extra tracks if you've reminded me of a song I liked this year that isn't on this compilation.

4) There's an awful lot of "dad music" (David Bowie, Wire, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode) on this. Where's the dubstep, granddad?
There are a few tracks from artists from "my era". It so happens that the songs also happen to be cracking. Anyway, Lady Gaga and James Blake are on there, so shut yer face, son.

5) Why's it in that order?
Deliberately. The songs kind of melt into one another, so I recommend you listen to it from start to finish (yes, even the Miley track, haterz gonna hate).


6) Robin Thicke's not on there. Why not?
Because he's a sexist fuckmelon, that's why. Watch this instead, as it's got better lyrics, the video is sexier and the women are better singers than Thicke.