After Atos Gets a Cease-And-Desist

After Atos is a website that attempts to help disabled people, after
they've received an erroneous work capability assessment. They've just
received this letter, however, which is a cease-and-desist order. As a
result, the After Atos website has had to shut down (hopefully
temporarily). This is the reason I haven't provided a link, but the
work that After Atos do is a brilliant service to vulnerable people.
Hopefully they'll be back. In the meantime, here's the letter in PDF

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World War 1 my grandad fuoght while the French ran

World War 1 my dad liberated France because the French ran

French are cowards sent Jews and others to the death camps includiong the disabied

now we have them bullying our British disabled !!

Sent this to ATOS


AFTER ATOS still here. Took a few dives and were not removed but hacked down a few times. But back up but under although leads to it. Still going on under the original After Atos Aunty. Still mad as hell and still going. Been very active. A short history that should be in the history books. Ongoing survey, Now January 2012. What a ride since March 2011 when first started. So you can link in again and After Atos on Facebook and trying for local groups so they can support each other, advise and buddy up.

Yours Fondly

XXX Aunty Admin
Counting the Disabled Back In - Because People Matter