10 Years Too Late

I recorded a song.

Again, my Luddite sensibilities have got the better of me. I should've got an 8-track years ago, when some of my student mates cum frustrated rock stars were all fooling about with them.

Some 10 years later, I've finally got one. Fiddling about with it is great. I've even tried a "first cut". It's a version of the first verse/chorus of "I Want You Now" by Depeche Mode. And, yes, for those who haven't heard the original, the original is way better. But I'm vaguely pleased that I've managed to create a decent mix - on my first go. Although the bass guitar rather hilariously is the only instrument that gets the beat right in the fifth-from-last bar. Serves me right for doing everything manually without a sequencer.

If people end up liking this stuff, I'll try posting full songs - rather than the fragment here. I'm sure as I get better with the recording, I'll shove in a few covers and (gulp!) some of my own songs wot I've written. You have been warned.

Original music and lyrics: "I Want You Now" by Martin L. Gore

Acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards, piano, vocals: Chris Nicholson

Download Self Deluded - I Want You Now.mp3