You can take the girl out of Glasgow...

Sharleen Spiteri Vs Paris Hilton

Since I've started writing this blog, it may have escaped some readers notice that I'm actually Glaswegian. Admittedly, someone who doesn't fit the prototypical Glasgow model; I have skin that is glowingly Mediterranean in origin, as opposed to white-turning-cyan. I've been told I speak a 'bit posh, ya bam'. But I'm totally proud of the city that produced Billy Connolly, deep-fried Mars Bars and several imaginative ways of claiming incapacity benefit. Nowadays, being Glaswegian is also tremendously trendy, particularly with the exposure of such respected artistes as John Hannah, David Tennant, Robert Carlyle and Robbie Coltrane; not to mention that it's produced such phenomenal contemporary bands like Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, The Fratellis, Primal Scream and (the soon-to-be-ubiquitous, trust me) Glasvegas. It seems odd, therefore, to mention a fellow Glaswegian from a not particularly trendy band.

But Sharleen Spiteri from MOR band, Texas - oh my goodness, my opinion just rocketed of you. You may be the original pin-up girl for Mondeo Man (short dictionary description here). But my heart totally pounded with civic pride when I saw this classic description of an 'encounter' with that most pointless waste of flesh in the 21st century, Paris Hilton. Your new solo single out today sounds pretty good too. The thing that amuses me about this clip is that the audience's reaction is always premature, because there's always far more to come...


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Makes you proud, doesn't it? She has definitely gone up in my estimation!!

David Tennant is actually a "wannabe" Weejie - he's from PAISLEY!!! Sorry.

I feel I should defend him, because I used to see him as a lanky awkward 'Weegee' at parties years ago and we all thought it were grand, like, to see him on 'Takin' Over The Asylum'. Natch!