Facebook Be Damned

By the time May 31st arrives, my Facebook account will be a minimalist name and a hyperlink to this Posterous page or/and my Typepad blog. All my pictures, status updates, et al will no longer exist on my Facebook profile. I will NOT be removing any friends, as Facebook is (annoyingly) indispensible as a self-updating address book. But I don't like Facebook's casual ownership and cavalier attitude toward all my info on there. So, I'm taking it away from our Facebook masters.

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Apologies for abuse of Comments section Chris, but I'm desperate. I need to talk to you before Friday 25th June if at all possible. Can you call me on 01324 870616 ?

Hello Philip,

My name is Roy and I'm doing some administration for the blog while the owner is away. As far as I'm aware, he's out of the country at the moment. Is there anything I can help with? Do you have a mobile or email I can contact you with too?


Thanks very much indeed for answering. If Chris really is out of the country then I'm stuffed - I need him tomorrow (Friday). But if you could call me on 01324 870616 I'd be grateful. I'm in most of the time.


Hello Philip,

I'll try and get those details direct to him, so he can contact you directly. If you can hold tight till 1pm, he can call that number.


Thanks. If he's in Italy he might not feel like doing an expensive international call; might not even have access to a phone easily. I don't like putting my email openly on the internet, but given the circumstances I'll risk it: p m o r a n t @ g m a i l . c o m. Could you delete the extra spaces and pass it on?


Hello Philip,

I've passed those details on, but I'm aware that he's in an area called Hintersdorf (nr Vienna) that has little or no mobile reception.

Best Regards


Hi Chris, any chance you can put me up for a few nights next month? Am arriving Vienna on July 19th, will take you out for some schnapps! Hope new contract out there is keeping you out of trouble. Can't wait to see you again, mmmwahh! xx Bella

Roy, or Chris,

Further apologies for abusing the Comments section on this web article.

I was trying last month to contact Chris so that I could ask him to be a witness at a tribunal. The hearing went ahead and I lost. It turned out that Chris's testimony, if I could have got it, would have been pivotal.

I now want to appeal the judgement but cannot even consider doing so unless Chris can testify. Expenses would not be a problem. I'd be grateful for anything at all that might help get me closer to contacting Chris. My phone is: 01324 870616 (a UK number).




I am unable to help you. I'm extremely busy, plus I'm travelling in and out of the country at the moment. More pertinently, my role in your tribunal would not have been "pivotal", as anything I would've said would broadly follow the company and/or union line, rather than yours.

I'm sorry either way. I recommend you try and concentrate on the future and put the past behind you.


You are not in a position to judge whether I am failing to put the past behind me.

The tribunals will accept written evidence if necessary. One question and answer is all that is needed.

'Free Gary' you say. But Philip can be a victim for all that you care.

I didn't judge, I recommended.

You're not in the same boat as Gary McKinnon. I'm a friend of his mother's, I should know.

I didn't know you had such a connection to Gary McKinnon. It's interesting how new facts put a different complexion on things.

How many of the facts of my case do you know?

I barely know any of the facts of your case, but you don't try and convince a potential witness who might be sympathetic to your tribunal cause by offending the person straightaway. Unless you're facing an extradition to America to potentially face an American prison sentence of over 70 years, your case will bear no similarities.

Tell me what the one question is and I'll give you the answer here. I'll answer it truthfully, if that will help your case.

Forgive me. I had the impression you weren't sympathetic at all and there seemed nothing to lose.

Gary is suffering Old Testament justice, I know.

At AEGON I asked you whether my beliefs might be covered by the Employment Equality laws. The judge has already accepted that you advised me you had not heard of any such cases being brought, so do not mention that in your answer. The question is whether my environmentalist ethics are covered by the Act or not. What did you advise me?

I should probably explain that this question has to do with the issue of Time Bar, not with the merits of my case.

I would explain more about it, but court rules forbid me to ask leading questions and I wouldn't want them to construe the explanations as leading a witness.

You're asking me to comment on something I said to you over two years ago. This is why I took notes for every meeting we had, as I was trained as a rep to do that. If ever I then left the company/union (as indeed I did), those notes would then be passed straight onto the union office. Therefore, a better answer is awaiting you in your casework, fresh on the day that I wrote it down, which is owned solely by the union and is *not* anything to do with me anymore.

That is as much as I can help you out with. I have very little memory of any of those events due to the amount of elapsed time, but that's one of the many reasons we were trained to take notes!


I will ask Aegis for those notes. Hopefully they'll give them out without the need for a court order.